Lemon Myrtle

Lemon MyrtleWant to know a little more about Lemon Myrtle? It grows in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland in warmer climes, and recently we visited a lemon myrtle grower a couple of hours North of Newcastle. We could smell the delicious lemon aroma all around as it was being picked and dried that day. Native to Australia, Lemon Myrtle is known as the Queen of lemon herbs, and is said to cheer and uplift the soul. The beautiful aroma that wafts all around us in the production shed, when we are making this flavour, certainly does put a smile on our dial, so may be it is true! The latin name, Backhousia Citriodora, comes from James Backhouse, an early Quaker missionary, who visited Australia in 1832-8, and was a keen botany collector. Lemon Myrtle has the most amazing creamy lemon aroma and sweet citral taste that blends perfectly with our lemon juice and Kakadu Plum, to make one of our most popular flavours. Cheers Myrtle!


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